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Bed & breakfast in Cluny
Cluny, a spiritual and political capital during the Middle Ages, is renowned today as a major tourist and cultural site plus one of France's leading equestrian centres...

A number of itineraries and visits have been organised for discovering the town of Cluny and its heritage sites: Tour des Fromages (Cheese Tower), Monastic Village, Cluny's architectural secrets, Hôtel-Dieu historic hospital, Maison de l'Humour et du Vin (House of Comedy and Wine), the Arts et Métiers exhibition entitled "From monks to engineers", and the National Equestrian Complex, housing some forty stallions. The guided tour of this complex includes the stables, a showcase of harnesses and saddlery, and a collection of horse-drawn vehicles.

All of Europe has its eyes focused on Cluny: 2010 marked the 1,100th anniversary of the founding of the famous Cluny Abbey. During this celebration, the entire town was the stage for festivities and events. The 2011 calendar has been posted on the Cluny Tourist Office Website.

The Museum of Art and Archaeology, installed in the lavish Jean de Bourbon abbatial palace, contains a number of significant pieces from the Medieval sculpture originally kept in the abbey church and monks' village. The museum also displays some 4,000 works; be sure not to miss the actual floor pavings from the end of the Middle Ages, a model of the city during the 13th century as well as a number of fascinating temporary exhibits.

On Saturday mornings, market day in Cluny, the town moves to the heart of Europe, as all languages can be heard. The streets are alive amidst an exciting atmosphere : the farmers' market, the artists' market, the café scene on shaded terraces, local restaurants serving regional delicacies… just some of the sights on Cluny's bustling streets...
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